Magdalena Bieth - Creative Portrait, Fashion and Brand Photographer; Award Winning Editor and Publisher.

My name is Magdalena and I'm an internationally published creative portrait and fashion photographer based in Dorset, UK.  My work predominantly focuses on fashion and creative portraiture, DSLR video production and workshops.

I'm a winner of the Magazine Editor of the Year 2018 at 6th International Achievers Awards and a publisher at Fashion Shift Magazine

I've been privileged to have worked on a variety of projects with clients such as Parrot UK, Selfridges London, Adobe Education Exchange, Pure, Organic Colour Systems, Pia Rossini, The Beach Boutique, The Positive Installations UK amongst others. That includes photography and video projects.

My fashion, lifestyle, beauty and portraiture work has been featured in publications such as VOGUE, Professional Photographer Magazine, SurfGirl Magazine, Photography Monthly, Thrifty Hunter, Remark, Elegant, Reykjavik Boulevard and Fashion Shift Magazine. However, the video work I created was used in fashion backstage, look-books, product and service campaigns.

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Thank you for your interest in my portfolio and I look forward to hearing from you.

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